When I reviewed the Espresso Display last year, I concluded that it would be a great addition to a mobile office setup for workers who needed additional screen real estate without taking up too much space (and weight) in the travel setup. Now, Sydney-based Espresso Displays has launched its follow-up, the Espresso 17 Pro, further evolving its product. Designed to cater to professionals across various sectors, the device combines high-end tech specs and touchscreen goodness.

On paper, it looks pretty damn impressive: The Espresso 17 Pro boasts a 4K resolution, a staggering 1 billion colors with 10-bit spectrum and 450 nits of brightness. The device can connect with anything that has a USB-C connection — yes, including the new iPhone.

Espresso Displays CEO Will Scuderi emphasized the meticulous attention to detail in designing the 17 Pro. Its aerospace aluminum construction aims to perfectly balance robust aesthetics and lightweight design.

The company, which started as a Kickstarter campaign, has now gotten thousands of hours of customer use and feedback, incorporating the needs and requests of animators, illustrators, content creators, executives, etc. The company is positioning itself square in the heart of the evolving nature of work.

Another notable feature is “Jot, by Espresso,” innovative software that upends how users can use a pen on touchscreens. With functionalities like seamless note-taking, drawing and compatibility with numerous apps, Jot is akin to a digital overlay on your desktop environment. It’s available as a free download for users of the display.

In addition to its software, Espresso Displays is launching a range of custom accessories to complement the 17 Pro. This includes the magnetic espressoStand Pro, which offers flexibility in working angles, the espressoCreator protective layer for a smoother drawing experience and Case 17, a magnetic folio-style protector.

The brand is also introducing the espressoCharge, its maiden battery pack, designed to power the 17 Pro all day long. It boasts a capacity of 27,000mAh / 99wH, making it travel-friendly and compliant with global aviation standards.

The Espresso 17 Pro is available for pre-sale starting today, with shipping to kick off in November. Launch bundles offer enticing deals, with the Studio Bundle gifting an espressoCharge and the Essentials Bundle offering a Stand Pro for free. Pricing starts at $1,000.